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White Widow

One of the most popular Cannabis strains for both growers and breeders.

White Widow Regular Cannabis Seeds Review

White Widow Regular Seeds White Widow Regular Cannabis seeds are one of the most popular strains of Cannabis and Marijuana seeds available. One of the first. true, hybrid strains to be created, later feminized for wholesale and ‘cash-crop’ growers.

A perfect clone producing plant, while the superior genetics contained in the male pollen is highly prized and sought after for breeding purposes,

White Widow seeds are considered extremely easy to grow, perfect for beginners and the more experienced grower alike. Perfectly formulated for both indoor and outdoor growing methods, they can adapt to both a 12/12 light-dark regime, as well as the more more gentle and natural outdoor light reduction during the later part of Summer and early Fall.

While male plants are grown primarily for the stable genetics their pollen produces, the females are capable of generating large, substantial harvests of top-quality Cannabis buds.

The compact and high-yielding females can produce an average of 500 grams of the finest, dried, White Widow buds per square meter indoors. While grown outdoors, the plants are capable of outstanding, individual yields, too heavy to write and believe. Just Google “Outdoor White Widow Plants” and check images!!

White Widow females are well-known for their high resin content, with a thick, generous coating covering almost all parts of the plant. The low leaf to bud ratio makes manicuring quick and easy, while the trim is perfect for making edibles, butter and cookies from.

The high THC content of 17% – 19%, together with a medium CBD level ensures pleasure for recreational purposes, as well as relief for medical users, helping to reduce Anxiety, Migraines, PTSD, Arthritis and ADD/ADHD.

You can buy Regular White Widow seeds in complete packs of 5 and 10 and seeds. Each pack produces both male and female plants, and all the seeds are covered by the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee.

Postage and the very best ‘Stealth’ packaging methods are included in the price, and delivery to any part of Australia is totally guaranteed. If, for any reason your seeds fail to arrive, replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible free of charge.

Tried and Trusted, White Widow Regular Cannabis seeds offer ‘old-school’ genetics for the next generation.



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White Widow Regular Seeds

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