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White Seeds Mixpack.

White Seeds Mixpack Review.
White Seeds Mixpack

Strain: White Rhino, White Widow Fem,White Widow Auto

Plant Type: Feminized,Autoflower

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  • White Mixed Seeds

White Mix Pack

With their sparkling, ‘sugar-coated’ appearance, it’s easy to see why these three strains form the White mixpack. Feminized and stable, they generate dense, resin covered buds, requiring little care, attention or previous experience to produce a high quality harvest. Easy strains to grow, both indoors and outside, they are highly adaptable to most cultivation methods.

The dominant Indica genetics found within ‘white strains’ create short, squat plants with multiple budding sites, perfect for Sea-of-Green growing. Their natural immunity to many diseases and pests make them resilient, and a great choice for growing outdoors. With the inclusion of the autoflowering White Widow seeds, the opportunity arises for Summer harvests, especially when the seeds are cultivated from the beginning of Spring.

White Widow Auto – Fast and easy to grow autoflowering strain with rich, resin coated buds.

White Widow Fem – The Amsterdam Coffee-shop classic. Strong, powerful and with a long-lasting high.

White Rhino – A strong, easy to grow variety with large crystallized colas, heavy yields and medical grade buds.


White Mix Pack

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White Mixed Seeds

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