Which Type Of Cannabis Seeds Should I Buy?

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Understanding Cannabis Seeds

Understanding Different Cannabis Seeds

There are three distinctly different types of cannabis; Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis and while each is a form of cannabis, they have different traits and characteristics that change the way the plants grow and flower. Identifying which type of cannabis is best suited to your growing method can help you decide which seeds and strains to grow. Each of these three different cannabis types produce a different effect or ‘high” allowing you to choose the strains that best suit your needs, whether recreational or medicinal.

Almost all of the popular cannabis strains now contain elements of both Sativa and Indica genetics, combined to produce the very best results when growing, flowering and smoked. Most of the best autoflowering strains actually contain elements of all three types of marijuana, due to the original hybrid strain becoming crossed with a ruderalis plant to incorporate the autoflowering gene.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Sativa cannabis strains grow tall, producing the classic ‘Christmas-tree’ shape and can reach up to five meters tall. The long, slender leaves allow light to reach the lower parts of the plant, although many growers prune off these lower branches as the plant begins to flower to help promote budding and growth from the upper parts of the plant.

Typical flowering times are between 10 – 16 weeks to achieve complete maturity with the buds forming slowly over a long period of time. Found naturally in countries below a latitude of 30 degrees North, such as Mexico, Thailand and Columbia, these plants have developed over thousands of years to take advantage of the long Summer’s and milder weather.

Sativa dominant cannabis varieties are often grown outdoors over an entire season. The long vegetative period and slow transition into flowering is perfectly suited to growing outdoors, eliminating any potential height issues. Sativa’s can be cultivated indoors and are often less effected by high temperatures in and around the growing area, compared to other strains. Super-cropping techniques such as pruning, bending and the Screen-of-Green growing method all work well to maximum yield while reducing the height of Sativa dominant strains.

The THC levels contained within Sativa strains is generally higher than other types of cannabis, making it better suited to recreational use than medicinal, although it has been proven useful in helping to combat depression, ADHD, fatigue and mood disorders.

Considered a day-time smoke, the buds produce a euphoric, happy ‘high’ that can be stimulating and highly creative. Known to raise energy levels it can reduce tiredness making the user feel more energized and less stressed due to its high THC to CBD ratio.

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Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica cannabis strains are much smaller than their Sativa counter-parts, growing into a dense, bushy plant averaging between 1 – 2 meters tall. The fat, shorter leaves often overlap each other, producing a dense canopy with close branching and multiple budding sites.

Naturally found in harsher environments including Nepal, Hindu Kush mountains and areas of Pakistan, these plants have developed to take advantage of the shorter Summer’s and quicker onset of Winter, with a much shorter flowering phase of between 7 – 9 weeks and increased ‘sticky’ resin to attract passing male spores for fertilization.

Indica dominant cannabis varieties are usually easier to grow due to their hardy and forgiving nature. Their short, squat appearance is far easier to disguise and camouflage when grown outdoors, as well as being more manageable when grown inside, while the faster flowering and maturity can make these strains the preferred choice for many indoor growers. Yields from Indica dominant strains are generally greater than Sativa plants, their heavy, dense buds and bushy nature often produce multiple large main buds, rather than one large cola.

Higher ratios of CBD are more commonly found within Indica cannabis plants, and many strains are grown and enjoyed for their medicinal qualities as well as their recreational effects. A well known sedative and pain-killing agent, it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and some eating disorders, while assisting with sleep and relaxation.

Often used at night and in the evening, Indica cannabis seeds produce more of a ‘body-stone’ effect than a cerebral ‘high’. Well known for their ‘couch-locking’ effects, as well as increasing the appetite, often referred to as ‘the munchies’.

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Ruderalis Cannabis Seeds

Many people have heard of Indica and Sativa cannabis seeds and although some do not understand the differences between these two distinct types, they are at least well-known. The third type of cannabis however is rarely spoken of and known only by a few, called Ruderalis. Although its THC content is very low, and of little value to either medical or recreational smokers, the strains ability to grow and flower in extremely cold environments and under almost any light regime has gained the interest of breeders from all around the world and assisted in the creation of the autoflowering strains.

Originally found in cold, Northern countries, Ruderalis has adapted to its conditions, flowering very early in its life and maturing quickly. Although pure Ruderalis plants are of little use to most growers, due to their low yields and minimal THC content, the genetics have been introduced to a variety of popular strains to encourage fast, automatic flowering, regardless of the number of light hours the plants receive.

With many years of work and development combining the Ruderalis gene with popular, feminized cannabis strains, the autoflowering seeds now available are nothing like the early strains and original Ruderalis plants. They do however, have the ability to grow and flower simultaneously, and regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive.

All autoflowering cannabis strains contain a degree of Ruderalis genetics, although in most cases, this has been bred into strain without the loss of any of the taste, aroma or high from the original parent.Through cross-breeding and selection, the creation of autoflowering versions of almost all popular feminized cannabis strains has become possible.

You can now buy autoflowering Indica and Sativa seeds that offer all the effects of traditional cannabis strains, while being far easier to grow, more adaptive to their environments and much quicker to flower, bud and mature. Perfect for outdoor growing from Spring through to Autumn and the Fall, they are some of the fastest and easiest cannabis plants to grow, requiring very little knowledge or previous experience.

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