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Autoflowering Seeds – Cannabis seeds that flower under all light regimes. Perfect for outdoor growing during the Summer months.

White Widow Autoflowering Seeds

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Autoflowering Seeds White Widow Autoflowering Seeds. WHITE WIDOW AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS REVIEW White Widow Autoflowering seeds are an Autoflowering version of the world-famous White Widow Cannabis strain. Compact and easy to grow, these Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for beginners…

Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds

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Autoflowering Seeds Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds NORTHERN LIGHTS AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS REVIEW Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds produce small, squat plants with similar characteristics to the well known feminized Cannabis variety. Easy to grow, Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds are perfect for growing…

Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds

Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds Review Lowryder Autoflowering seeds are one of the original Dwarf Autoflowering strains whose genetics have since been incorporated into many of the Auto seeds available today. Compact, short and easy to grow,…

Blueberry Autoflowering Seeds

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Autoflowering Seeds Blueberry Autoflowering Seeds BLUEBERRY AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS REVIEW Blueberry Autoflowering seeds are an autoflowering version of the famous Blueberry Cannabis strain. Compact and easy to grow, these Auto seeds are perfect for beginners and the more experienced alike, and…