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Super Skunk

A compact plant with heavy yields of extremely aromatic buds

Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds

Super Skunk Regular SeedsSuper Skunk Regular Cannabis seeds are a combination of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa genetics that have been perfectly blended to produce one of the most aromatic and flavorsome strains available.

Perfect for new growers, both indoors and outside, these very easy to grow seeds produce an average of 50% male and 50% female plants from every pack.

Super Skunk was created back in the early 1990’s and has remained one of the foundation strains for many new hybrids. It’s unmistakable aroma and flavor are often used to add that extra ‘bag-appeal’ to new strains, making the males, and their pollen, highly sought after by Cannabis seed breeders around the world.

Grown natural outdoors, Super Skunk plants can reach up to 150 cm tall when completely mature, producing large, ‘tree-like’ plants with huge individual yields.

Grown indoors using super-cropping techniques, Super Skunk seeds are capable of producing approximately 450 grams of dried, stinky buds per square meter, once the males are removed.

If you wish to produce your own Super Skunk seeds by breeding a male and female together, we suggest removing your males from the females for the first four weeks of flowering to allow time for the flowers to fully develop before pollination. This will ensure a healthy crop of seeds for the following season.

Female Super Skunk plants grown from Regular seeds make excellent clone mothers, as well as producing some of the finest buds possible. One of the best ways to find the perfect clone mother is to allow your plants to flower and bud, almost to complete maturity. Then, harvest the buds, cutting the branches back to leave the last budding sites on the stems. Now revert the plants back to complete vegetative growth with 24 hour light, and the buds will begin to produce new shoots and stems, perfect for removal as clones.

Dried, mature, Super Skunk Cannabis buds are extremely pungent and full of flavour, but they also produce a powerful, physical high that can be ‘couch-locking’ and very long-lasting. THC levels between 17% – 19%, together with a medium CBD content, produces a strain that’s perfect for both medical and recreational users alike.

Super Skunk has a wide range of medical benefits and attributes, including reducing the Anxiety, Migraines, Hypertension, PTSD and ADD/ADHD. Super Skunk has also been known to assist in reducing cramps and period pain in women, as well as suppressing headaches, fatigue and pain, while increasing the appetite.

You can buy Regular Super Skunk seeds in complete packs of 10 and 20 seeds. Each pack produces both male and female plants, and all the seeds are covered by the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee.

Postage and the very best ‘Stealth’ packaging methods are included in the price, and delivery to any part of Australia is totally guaranteed. If, for any reason your seeds fail to arrive, replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible free of charge.

For breeding and cloning, Regular Super Skunk seeds are the perfect choice.



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Super Skunk Regular Seeds

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