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Spicy Seeds Mixpack

Each Pack Contains 3 Spicy Cannabis Strains

OG Kush SeedsOG KUSH

OG Kush is the all-American classic derived from the original Chemdawg. Highly sought after, and often commanding the highest prices, OG Kush is easily identifiable by its unique aroma and flavor.

OG Kush seeds produce short, bushy plants that remain compact through to maturity, producing flocks of dense buds.

High THC levels provide an energetic high that’s perfect for social daytime and evening smoking, rather than just before bed.

With it’s almost pure Indica genetics, only 5% Sativa genes, flowering times are incredibly fast at only 55 days without loss of yield or quality.

A champion strain loved by Cannabis growers and smokers alike.

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Super Skunk SeedsSUPER SKUNK

Super Skunk seeds were specially created for connoisseur Skunk lovers everywhere. Super strong and extremely pungent, it’s one of the most famous Cannabis strains available and always a top seller.

90% Indica genetics ensures this Cannabis strain doesn’t grow too tall, while maximizing the flowering to reduce the overall time required to reach maturity.

When moved or touched these plants really live up to their name, filling the room with it’s potent aroma, while the flavor has a sweet citrus taste.

The high is a clear, all-round buzz that contains a strong physical stone, expect a couch-locking effect that lasts and lasts.

An easy strain for beginners, perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques.

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Lowryder Autoflower SeedsLOWRYDER

Lowryder is a dwarf Autoflowering strain that grows and flowers simultaneously and without the need for reduced light hours. Perfect for discreet, outdoor growing during the Summer months.

Although Lowryder seeds contain 80% Indica genetics, it’s the 20% Ruderalis, a wild, quick flowering version of Marijuana, that supplies the Autoflowering gene.

If outdoor privacy, or indoor height is a problem, these seeds are perfect, growing a main, central cola while remaining approximately 25 cm – 45 cm tall

Yields are significantly reduced due to the speed at which these seeds mature, but the high is a creeping, cerebral buzz with a stimulating effect.

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Buy Spicy Mix Cannabis seeds online. Each pack contains all three Cannabis strains which are also available in 3, 5, 10 and 20 seed packs

Buy a 9 seed pack receive 3 OG Kush, 3 Super Skunk and 3 Lowryder Cannabis seeds

Buy a 15 seed pack receive 5 OG Kush, 5 Super Skunk and 5 Lowryder Cannabis seeds

Buy a 30 seed pack receive 10 OG Kush, 10 Super Skunk and 10 Lowryder Cannabis seeds

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Spicy Seeds Mixpack

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