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Platinum Seeds Variety Mix

Platinum Mixpack includes Gold Leaf, Purple Haze and Super Silver Haze seeds.
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Platinum Seeds Mixpack Review
Platinum Seeds Mixpack

Strain: Gold Leaf Purple Haze Super Silver Haze

Plant Type: Feminized

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  • Platinum Mixed Seeds

Platinum Mix Pack

Each Pack Contains 3 Platinum Mix Cannabis Seeds


Purple Haze is a world famous Cannabis strain, renowned for its powerful effect and unique coloring. Grown either indoor or outside the buds will display a purple coloring as maturity approaches, leading to weed with top ‘bag-appeal’.

Although predominately Sativa, the plant doesn’t grow as tall as other Sativa dominant Cannabis strains, remaining between 100 cm – 140 cm tall.

High THC levels produce a soaring, euphoric high that’s energetic and long-lasting combined with an introspective, Indica body stone.

Flowering times are relatively short at 65 days, while yields of 550 grams per meter square are average for these seeds.

A great strain to master as a grower and enjoy as a smoker.


Super Silver Haze is an extremely powerful blend of Sativa and Indica Cannabis genetics that produce a clear, strong high that hits the spot time after time. Even all-day smokers will still feel the effects well into the evening, not a strain for the faint-hearted.

For a strain with 90% Sativa genes you would expect Super Silver Haze to stretch into a tall plant. However, the 10% Indica genetics keep the height under a meter on average.

The long sticky buds and surrounding leaves are covered in THC rich crystals, with an average THC content of approximately 18%

As maturity approaches the plants emit a sweet, pungent aroma with a flavor of fruit and pine.

A classic Cannabis strain for Sativa lovers everywhere, with an Indica kick.


The highest THC levels, massive cola’s, tall plants and huge yields this is the Gold you have been looking for. Robert Berman’s own blend of 60% dominant Indica genetics with a 40% Sativa addition form Gold Leaf seeds.

Grown either inside or outdoors, these plants can reach up to 225 cm tall, Indoors growers are advised to employ super-cropping techniques to minimize any height issues.

A relaxing smoke that leaves you euphoric and calmed with a unique, pungent smell and earthy lemon flavor.

Flowering times average 63 days, producing between 450 – 650 grams per square meter.

Isn’t it time you grew your own gold?

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Platinum Mix Pack

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Platinum Seeds Mixpack

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