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Outdoor Seeds Variety Mix

Outdoor Mixpack includes Amnesia Haze, OG Kush and Super Skunk seeds.
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Outdoor Seeds Mixpack Review
Outdoor Seeds Mixpack

Strain: OG Kush, Super Skunk, Amnesia Haze

Plant Type: Feminized

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  • Outdoor Mixed Seeds

Outdoor Mix Pack

Almost all strains of marijuana can be grown outdoors, however, some strains are better suited to the changing conditions that naturally occur, than others.

It’s an advantage for the plants to flower and mature quickly, ideally commencing in the later part of the Summer, giving the plants ample time to fully bud and ripen, before the colder night-time temperatures of the Fall.

Hardy, fast-flowering and with a natural immunity to many common growing issues, the Outdoor mixpack offers choice and incredible savings, compared to other, similar sized, single strain packs.

Three very popular varieties, all in feminized seed form, perfect for outdoor growers of all levels of experience.

Amnesia Haze – The classic ‘Coffee-Shop’ strain, high quality, heavy yields and a powerful cerebral high.

Super Skunk – One of the most aromatic and strongest strains of Skunk Cannabis available.

OG Kush – Classic American strain with a unique taste and powerful high.


Outdoor Mix Pack

From $139.00

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Outdoor Seeds Mixpack

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