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Northern Lights Regular

A pure indica strain with a powerful body-stone and euphoric high.
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Northern Lights Regular Seeds

Northern Lights Regular Cannabis seeds are a pure Indica strain perfect for growing indoors and outside during the growing season.

A highly stable strain that produces almost identical plants from every seed. Fast to mature and easy to grow, Northern Lights Regular seeds packs contain both male and female seeds that will require sexing.

A very easy to grow strain that adapts to any growing method, whether indoor or outdoor, and also performs well in hydroponic set-up’s. True to it’s pure Indica heritage, the plants remain short and squat, with strong, tightly spaced lateral branches that offer multiple budding sites.

Mature heights average approximately 70 cm, making them a perfect choice for discreet outdoor grows, and both Sea, and Screen-of-Green growing techniques, once the males have been removed.

Northern Lights Regular seed males offer pure Indica genetics for breeding, while the females not only produce great buds, they make ideal clone mothers, producing multiple branches to provide cuttings, with the clones quick to root, and hardy in nature.

Despite it’s reduced height, Northern Lights produces very good harvests both indoors, where the yields can average approximately 500 grams of the finest. highest quality dried buds per square metre, and outdoor grown plants that take on a large bush-like structure, producing huge individual plant yields due to the natural, longer vegetative period, and slow reduction in daylight hours.

Both feminized and regular Northern Lights seeds are renown for the generous coating of resin that covers all parts of the buds and leaves. With a THC content of between 17% – 19% and a low CDB ratio, the high is relaxing and euphoric, often leaving light-users ‘couch-locked’.

A low leaf to bud ratio makes trimming and manicuring easy, while the waste contains so much resin and THC, it is often used to make edibles from, such as Cannabis butter for later use when baking.

Northern Lights Cannabis is well known for it’s medicinal benefits which include reducing insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

You can buy Regular Northern Lights seeds in complete packs of 5 and 10 seeds. Each pack produces both male and female plants, and all the seeds are covered by the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee.

Postage and the very best ‘Stealth’ packaging methods are included in the price, and delivery to any part of Australia is totally guaranteed. If, for any reason your seeds fail to arrive, replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible totally free of charge.

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Northern Lights Regular Seeds

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