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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Medical Seeds Grow Set

This complete set is an ideal choice for both the indoor and outdoor grower, containing the highest quality feminized seeds, capable of producing approximately 550 grams of dried buds per square meter.

Complete Medical Cannabis Seeds Grow Set

If you want to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis, this complete Medical Cannabis Seeds Grow Set contains everything you need to grow your own high quality plants. Containing 20 medicinal seeds with high levels of CBD, together with all the nutrients and plant protection formulas you will need from germination through to harvest.

An easy to grow strain and all the nutrients needed for a successful harvest. Simply add pots, soil and water to produce your own medical cannabis, regardless of your level of experience, with all the information and feeding schedules provided.

Four individually packaged formulas covering each stage of the plants development, with all the necessary nutrients and minerals needed for a plants healthy growth and flowering.

Avoid bug, mold and root diseases with the three-set Plant Protectors, designed to ensure your crop doesn’t suffer from many of the common cannabis mistakes and issues.

The complete Medical Cannabis Seeds Grow Set is all you need to produce your own crop of high quality medicinal cannabis. Enjoy guaranteed delivery to all parts of Australia, and free postage on all larger orders.

What Does The Medical Cannabis Seeds Grow Set Include.

Harlequin Cannabis Seeds

Each Medical Cannabis Grow Set contains 20 Harlequin seeds, an 80% Sativa dominant strain that’s easy to grow and perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques alike. A highly popular strain, producing large harvests of dense buds, Harlequin offers a balanced 7% CBD and THC content, perfect for both recreational and medicinal uses.

Completely feminized, each of these Harlequin medical Cannabis seeds is guaranteed to germinate, generating a large, bushy, pure-female plant with an average flowering time of between 8 – 9 weeks. A resilient strain with a natural immunity to many common problems, including mold, mite and root disease issues.

With a light, relaxing high, Harlequin is perfect for daily daytime use, providing relief from joint and muscular pain, stress, anxiety and many other medical ailments and conditions. Whether you’re an experienced grower, or just beginning, these feminized medical Cannabis seeds are the perfect choice.

Bergmans Marijuana Fertilizer Set

Robert Bergman’s plant food fertilizer has everything your cannabis plants need to produce a high quality harvest.

Generating the best quality plants and harvests from your cannabis seeds can be easy with these four, individually packaged nutrient compounds, created specifically for cannabis plants.

Each pack is designed to provide all the necessary minerals and nutrients needed at the various stages of development, with enough formula to feed up to ten large plants.

Used as a complete schedule from sprouting through to maturity, your plants will have all the necessary nutrients when they need them, producing strong, vibrant plants and good, high quality harvests.

Plant Protector

This powerful defense system makes it easier to produce a healthy crop with high quality flowers and potent buds.

There are many different diseases and health problems that cannabis plants can suffer, as a new grower, spotting the early signs can sometimes be quite difficult, and left untreated, have devastating consequences.

These three Plant Protection formulas will protect your cannabis plants from many of the common issues, including bugs and mites, root infections and diseases, as well as mold and mildew in later flowering.

With easy-to-follow instructions, you can protect your plants, and used in conjunction with the nutrient packs, provide all they need to produce generous, high quality harvests.

Buy The Complete Medical Cannabis Seeds Grow Set

Containing all you need, you can buy the Complete Medical Cannabis Seeds Grow Set online using a variety of payment means. Containing all the instructions you may need, together with feeding schedules to produce the highest quality plants, helping you grow a successful crop of medicinal cannabis buds.

Enjoy discreet packaging and guaranteed delivery to all parts of Australia, shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s most trusted and established cannabis and marijuana seed producers.

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Grow Set – Medical

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Complete Medical Seeds Grow Set

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How To Grow Cannabis in Australia

New to growing Cannabis in Australia? Learn many of the methods and techniques used by professional growers to enhance the yield, flavor and potency of their crops with the Marijuana Grow Guide.

Packed full of information, easily access how to correctly germinate your seeds, maximizing the number of budding sites and each plant’s potential yield.

Learn when to harvest your plants, and how to avoid many of the common mistakes made by new, inexperienced growers.

Take a short-cut to a successful harvest and download your free, no obligation copy of the Marijuana Grow Guide today!

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