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High Yield Seeds Grow Set

Whether you're new to growing cannabis, or a seasoned veteran, this complete grow set contains all you need to produce your own cannabis.

Complete High Yield Seeds Grow Set

If you are looking to harvest the maximum amount of good quality buds from your plants, the High Yield Cannabis Seeds Grow Set is an ideal choice. Containing twenty high quality feminized cannabis seeds, together with all the nutrients and protection formula’s a plant may need to produce an abundance of dense, high quality buds.

Four, individually packaged feeding compounds, ensure the plants receive the correct nutrients and minerals required at each stage of their development.

Three Plant Protection formula’s help combat a variety of common cannabis plant issues, including molds, mites, bud and root rot, helping to keep your plant’s strong, healthy and able to produce the best quality harvests.

Completely feminized and guaranteed to produce the highest quality female plant’s, these easy-to-grow cannabis seeds can be cultivated either indoors or outside.

High quality breeding and genetics ensure each seed produces a squat, bushy plant with an abundance of branches and budding sites, producing some of the largest buds and heaviest harvests.

Shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality cannabis seeds, each complete High Yield Cannabis Seeds Grow Set contains all the information and feeding schedules required, just add pots, soil and water!

With delivery guaranteed on all cannabis seeds shipped to Australia, and free ‘stealth’ deliver on these larger orders, take advantage of the current discount, and buy your complete high yield cannabis seeds grow set today.

Contained In The High Yield Cannabis Seeds Grow Set.

Big Bud Seeds

Twenty of the highest quality feminized Big Bud cannabis seeds, each guaranteed to germinate and produce a strong, vibrant female plant. Easy-to-grow and able to adapt to a variety of cultivation methods and techniques, each plant generates a wealth of large, dense buds and heavy harvests.

The plants grow to between 120 cm – 150 cm, with average yields of between 450 – 550 grams per square meter, given good conditions and growing techniques. Expect strong, potent buds with THC levels of approximately 16% and a medium CBD content, making it suitable for both recreational and medicinal uses.

Big Bud feminized cannabis seeds have a hardy, easy-to-grow nature, making them a perfect strain for super-cropping techniques, including; pruning, bending, staking and topping, as well as enhanced growing methods, such as both the Sea and Screen-of-Green techniques. The average flowering time for Big Bud cannabis plants is approximately 9 weeks.

Bergmans Marijuana Fertilizer Set

Robert Bergman’s plant food fertilizer has everything your cannabis plants need to produce a high quality harvest.

Generating the best quality plants and harvests from your cannabis seeds can be easy with these four, individually packaged nutrient compounds, created specifically for cannabis plants.

Each pack is designed to provide all the necessary minerals and nutrients needed at the various stages of development, with enough formula to feed up to ten large plants.

Used as a complete schedule from sprouting through to maturity, your plants will have all the necessary nutrients when they need them, producing strong, vibrant plants and good, high quality harvests.

Plant Protector

This powerful defense system makes it easier to produce a healthy crop with high quality flowers and potent buds.

There are many different diseases and health problems that cannabis plants can suffer, as a new grower, spotting the early signs can sometimes be quite difficult, and left untreated, have devastating consequences.

These three Plant Protection formulas will protect your cannabis plants from many of the common issues, including bugs and mites, root infections and diseases, as well as mold and mildew in later flowering.

With easy-to-follow instructions, you can protect your plants, and used in conjunction with the nutrient packs, provide all they need to produce generous, high quality harvests.

Buy The Complete High Yield Cannabis Seeds Grow Set

If you want bigger, heavier harvests from your plants, with plenty of large cola’s and dense buds, these Big Bud cannabis seeds offer the perfect blend of both Indica and Sativa genes. Hardy and easy-to-grow, these stable and uniform seeds offer identical genetics with every seed you germinate.

Enjoy guaranteed delivery on all purchases, buying cannabis seeds in Australia online can be quick, easy and simple, with payment methods including cash, bank transfer, credit card and Bitcoin payments all securely provided.

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Grow Set – High Yield

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Buy High Yield Cannabis Seeds Grow Set

Learn How To Grow Cannabis in Australia

You may be new to growing cannabis in Australia, you may be a ‘cash-cropping’ professional, we can all learn something new. Written by Robert Bergman, the Marijuana Grow Guide covers every aspect of how to grow cannabis and marijuana, from germination through to harvesting and drying.

With methods and techniques used by professional growers to enhance the size, weight and potency of their crops quickly and easily explained, you can acquire a wealth of knowledge, FREE, with this one-time, secure download.

Read more about Super-cropping, enhancing the size, flavour and weight of your buds, as well as when to harvest for maximum potency, smell and taste.

The Marijuana Grow Guide is completely free and without obligation, with no hidden charges or costs. Download your copy today and learn more about growing Cannabis in Australia.

Marijuana Grow Guides