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If you are going to grow Cannabis indoors you will need to adopt a growing style and technique that suits your growing area, experience level and budget. This can be as simple as a pot full of good quality growing medium, referred to as Pot Culture, a self-watering system, usually referred to as hydroponics.

Each of these indoor Cannabis growing styles have the potential to produce high quality Cannabis, and while hydroponics may be quicker, and often produce heavier yields, many growers find Cannabis plants grown in soil have that little extra aroma and flavour.

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Cannabis Pot Culture

Growing Cannabis in pots is usually the way that most Cannabis growers begin. It’s relatively cheap and easy compared to the more advanced hydroponic systems, and is usually far more forgiving with any minor mistakes that are made.

Cannabis pot culture does not always mean the plant has in grown in soil, many growers prefer to use Coco Coir, finely shredded coconut shell, as their growing medium. This is an inert growing medium that contains no nutrients, so they must be added into each watering.

Growing Cannabis In Pots

Growing in soil is often the first step for people learning how to grow Cannabis, and many make the mistake of buying the wrong type of soil. Much of the soil sold in garden centers is full of bark and peat. This is of no use to use, and peat is far to heavy.

Always buy the best quality soil available, it should be a dark, rich colour, but loose and fine, not heavy or clay-like. Remember we need to introduce oxygen around the plants roots, thick soil will make it harder for the plants to develop and breathe.

If you feel the soil is too heavy, mix in perlite, vermiculite or hydroponic pebbles to help aerate the soil. The lighter the growing medium, the better, as this means there are plenty of air pockets for the roots to easily grow into. The container will become heavier once the plant is watered, but you should get a feel of how heavy a dried out pot full of growing medium feels.

Cannabis Pot Culture

When growing Cannabis in pots, the pot size is crucial. Too small a pot and the roots will become bound, finding it difficult to extend and so work less efficiently. Too large a pot and many growers make the mistake of over-watering, which in turn can build up salts and nutrients into areas where the roots have yet to develop.

The recommended pot size is at least 20 litres. Any less than this and you will not get the full growth the plant can offer. Obviously the longer you vegetate your Cannabis plants, and bigger they become, the larger the pot will need to be to house them adequately.

Many growers move their plants through a selection of pot sizes as the roots develop, potting the plant into it’s final pot at the start of flowering. For growers using the Screen-Of-Green method, the plant must be in it’s final pot before the screen is fitted.

Any pot that you use should have drainage holes at the bottom for the excess water to drain through and not drown the roots. The plants roots need a constant supply of oxygen, and if they are submerged for long period they will rot and die, damaging the plants health and growth.

Growing Cannabis In A Pot

Always ensure that any drain-off water or nutrient solution is removed and the plants are not stood in a saucer of water. Not only is this harmful to the roots, but you are also increasing the humidity in your growing area.

During the flowering period it is important to dry out the medium several times, denying any water until the soil becomes light and full of air again. Once dry, the medium should be flushed with clean, Ph balanced water to remove any salt build-ups around the roots. These salts reduce the roots ability to draw in moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Growing Cannabis in pots can produce terrific results. Always use the largest pot possible and fill it with a trusted growing medium. Be careful not to over-feed your plants, remember there are plenty of nutrients in your best quality soil, or you can add them if you are growing in an inert medium.

Pots containing Cannabis plants are far easier to move  than hydroponic systems, and can be re-positioned easily maximize the plants all-round growth.

For people considering growing Cannabis indoors, the best way to learn is by growing Cannabis plants in pots. It’s cheaper and more forgiving of any errors in the feeding patterns, and as the plant react slower, its far easier to notice any mistakes as they appear.


No matter what you do in regards to the other factors that affect your Cannabis plants, you need to start things off right with a good strain. Do your research so you know exactly what that strain’s tendencies and expectations are. In the end, you will be glad you did.


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