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Green Crack Feminized

Produces an energizing, powerful high with strong euphoric effects.
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Green Crack Cannabis Seeds

Green Crack began life as Green Crush, Snoop Dogg, who championed the strain, began referring to it as Green Crack, and so the name stuck, and has since, become very popular in many parts of the USA and Amsterdam Coffee-shops.

Green Crack Marijuana has nothing at all to do with hard drugs or Cocaine, the name simply describes the almost instant rush that smoking it provides. It doesn’t make you violent or aggressive, instead its calming properties are more likely to make you feel sociable and friendly.

Green Crack seeds are 100% Indica, created by crossing a high quality Afghan with an original Chem Dawg, The resulting plants are very strong and stable, maturing between 120 – 170 cm tall, depending upon growing styles, techniques and experience.

Green Crack seeds are a great choice for all Marijuana growers, regardless of experience. Easy to grow and perfectly adapted to growing outdoors, or in an indoor growing area, the plants have a good lateral branching system, producing multiple flowering sites and heavy buds. A favorite with many Screen-of-Green growers.

Males Cannabis plants are an annoyance for many growers, unwanted, they take up time, space and resources and will never produce buds. These feminized seeds eliminate the chance of males, totally. Hand-picked, fresh seeds, all guaranteed to germinate, under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee, and each one dedicated to producing a female-only plant with no male genetics included.

Green Crack seeds are well known for producing strong plants with large, swollen buds, dense and coated in resin. Peak maturity requires approximately eight weeks, or 56 days, making it a fast maturing strain.

Yields are impressive, with an average indoor return of approximately 500 grams of the highest quality dried buds per square meter easily achievable under good growing conditions, with outdoor plants, that have enjoyed a much longer vegetative period producing even greater harvests.

Green Crack buds have a fragrant earthy, sweet-citrus aroma and flavor, light green coloring, broken with orange hairs. It’s got good ‘bag-appeal’, however it’s the 22% THC content that really gives Green Crack its name.

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The complex blend of low CBD and high THC produces an invigorating, energetic high that will refresh and revitalize you for the day ahead. A perfect day-time smoke and used by many medical marijuana smokers for its relief from fatigue, stress and depression.

Easy to grow, even for beginners, with impressive yields and powerful effects. If there is one strain you really need to try, it’s Green Crack Marijuana. Found in many of the Dispensaries, Green Crack is quickly taking the USA by storm.

You can now buy Green Crack seeds in feminized packs of 5, 10 and 25, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a strong, stable Cannabis plants with the traits and characteristics you expect.

One of the most trusted, and highest ranked websites on the internet, they use the latest encryption to ensure all your details are completely safe and secure, dispatching your seeds using the best ‘super-stealth packaging’ possible. It’s so good some people have trouble finding their seeds themselves!

Totally guaranteed to arrive under the delivery guarantee, and should, for any reason your Green Crack seeds not arrive, replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible, just contact their friendly customers services department..

Now included as part of our feminized collection, you can buy complete packs of 5, 10 and 25 seeds all sold with the best stealth postage and packing included in the price.

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Green Crack Feminized

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Green Crack Seeds

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