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Gold Leaf Autoflower

Feminized Autoflowering version with extremely high CBD and THC levels.
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Gold Leaf Autoflowering Seeds

You can now buy Gold Leaf cannabis seeds as Automatics, with the release of Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds. The addition of the Ruderalis gene has been a huge success and means you can now purchase Gold Leaf seeds as both traditional feminized and feminized autoflowering seeds.

An easy strain to grow, these Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds can be cultivated by everyone, from beginner to experienced ‘cash-cropper’ and perform well both indoors and outside. Regardless of your level of experience, you can quickly and easily cultivate your own cannabis for either recreational or medicinal purposes.

Unlike conventional feminized cannabis seeds that require a reduction in light hours to flower, autoflowering seeds are governed by age, and will be ready to harvest far quicker.

The growing and flowering phases of the plants life are combined, producing a plant that will go from seedling to complete maturity in approximately 56 days, regardless of the number of daily darkness the plant receives.

This capability makes growing Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds an ideal choice for planting outdoors from the beginning of the season. Staggered planting every few weeks, will generate a constant supply of fresh, high quality buds just two months later, and with the plants requiring very little care or attention, they are perfect for ‘guerrilla grows’ in remote places.

Considering the short, combined growing and flowering cycle, yields are still good, with each plant capable of producing between 4-6 oz of good quality cannabis buds per plant, given ideal conditions. With its 60/40 Indica dominant genes, expect large, dense buds, plenty of resin and a diesel, sweet-earthy flavor and pine-like aroma.

High THC levels of approximately 21% satisfy all recreational smokers, generating a euphoric, uplifting high that both relaxes and invigorates. Medical users will also benefit from the elevated CBD content of Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds, assisting with depression, fatigue, pain, insomnia and a host of other conditions.

All our recommended Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds are dispatched directly by Crop King, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality cannabis and marijuana seeds. Enjoy all the help and assistance you may need, from purchase through to harvest, when you but cannabis seeds in Australia through us.

Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds are available in packs of 5, 10 and 25 feminized seeds, all sold with guaranteed delivery and germination.

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Gold Leaf Auto

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Gold Leaf Autoflower Seeds

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