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Fast Harvests With Autoflower Seeds

Why Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Traditional Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or someone new to growing cannabis, achieving a high quality harvest within a short time-frame is many people’s ultimate goal. Traditional feminized seeds have two distinct stages, vegetative growth and flowering. While Sativa dominant plants continue to stretch and grow for several weeks after they receive sufficient, uninterrupted hours of darkness every twenty-four hours. Indica dominant plants hardly grow at all, focusing all there efforts on forming buds and maturing quickly.

These characteristics mean that Sativa dominant plants require at least 2/3 weeks of intense vegetative growth before they can be forced to begin flowering, while Indica dominant seeds, will require a further week or two in growth to enhance the overall yield.

On average, the total growth and flowering time for both varieties of plants to achieve a good harvest is around 12 weeks when grown indoors, and at least as long when grown outdoors, depending on the time of year the seedlings are planted.

Autoflowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds

By combining the vegetative and flowering stages, autoflowering seeds dramatically reduce the time the plant requires to grow from a seedling into a fully mature cannabis plant ready to harvest. Unlike traditional cannabis seeds they aren’t governed by the hours of darkness they receive to flower and mature. Instead, autoflowering seeds begin flowering almost from the moment they sprout, combining both stages, growing and flowering simultaneously.

The total time required for the majority of autoflowering seeds is around nine weeks from sprouting. Although at first the growth may appear slow, between weeks 4 -8, rapid growth and bud development takes place. Better breeding and genetics have led to stable, high quality cannabis seeds that can be cultivated indoors or outside to generate fast, generous harvests, and due to their life-span being governed by time, and without the need for reducing hours of lighting, a single growing area can house seedlings through to mature plants, eliminating the need for separate vegetative and flowering rooms when growing indoors.

All our recommended autoflowering seeds are 100% guaranteed to germinate and produce a high quality autoflowering cannabis plant. Guaranteed delivery is available, and should, for whatever reason your seeds fail to reach their appointed destination, replacements will be dispatched immediately.

Our Top-Selling Autoflowering Seeds

Buy White Widow Autoflower Seeds White Widow Autoflowering

One of the original feminised cannabis strains, this autoflowering version produces all the traits and characteristics the strain is famous for. Enjoy large, dense Indica dominant buds with a generous resin coating, giving each dry bud that silver, sparkling white look.

Enjoy high THC levels of up to 19% and yields of between 4 – 6 oz per square meter from easy to grow plants that require approximately 8 weeks to completely grow, flower and mature.

Find out more about our White Widow Autoflowering Seeds.

Gorilla Glue Autoflower Seeds Gorilla Glue Autoflowering

A highly popular cannabis strain that’s now available as an autoflowering plant. A perfect 50/50 blend of Indica-Sativa genetics, with the Ruderalis self-flowering gene added. Expect large, sticky buds covered in thick resin. Extremely easy to grow and highly recommended for growers of all levels of experience.

Gorilla Glue autoflowering produces very high levels of THC, around 26%, leaving the user feeling happy and uplifted. Yields average between 4 – 6 oz per square meter, with the plants achieving complete maturity eight weeks from sprouting.

Find out more about our Gorilla Glue Autoflowering Seeds.

Buy Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds Super Skunk Autoflowering

One of the original ‘classic’strains now made easier to grow and faster to mature. Super Skunk autoflowering is our fastest maturing auto strain, producing fat, Indica dominant buds that require little knowledge or previous experience to produce. One of our best-selling autoflowering seeds.

THC levels are lower at approximately 14% producing more of a ‘body-stone’ than a ‘high’. Yields average between 4 – 6 oz per square meter, with a total growing and flowering time of under eight weeks.

Find out more about our Super Skunk Autoflowering Seeds.

With a wide choice of high quality autoflowering seeds for sale, we offer strains for both medical and recreational use.

Try the seed selector tool to find out more about these strains and begin to produce your own, fast, high quality harvests.