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Critical Mass Feminized

Solid and stable performer with large yields of smooth, creamy flavored buds.
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Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds

Critical Mass is a well-known European strain, easy to grow and capable of producing large, dense buds with a creamy flavor.

The blend of Afghani and Skunk #1 genes produce an Indica dominant strain that’s perfect for growing indoors, or outdoors in the warmer Southern states.

With a high THC level and CBD content, Critical Mass is a favored medical marijuana strain, quickly gaining popularity with both growers and patients alike.

Easy to cultivate, producing good harvests of creamy-skunk flavored buds, these feminized seeds are perfect for all levels of experience.

Good yields are easy to achieve, with even inexperienced growers producing harvests of heavy buds.

Mature heights are average, with a medium amount of stretch during the first few weeks of flowering making them a perfect choice for both Sea-of-Green and Screen-of-Green growing techniques.

The dominant 80% Indica genes reduces the time needed for Critical Mass to flower, usually achieving peak maturity after seven weeks when grown indoors.

Cultivated outdoors, the plant’s mature around the middle of September and should be harvested before the first frosts appear.

Once cut and dried, the buds have a mild, creamy flavor with skunk undertones and a slight pepper aftertaste.

Large, dense cola’s offer generous harvests of approximately 400 grams per square meter when grown indoors, with THC levels of approximately 22% and a high CBD content.

Whatever your level of experience, our recommended feminized Critical Mass seeds produce female-only marijuana plants that are easy to grow, producing heavy yields of good quality buds.

Enjoy a mild and relaxing smoke that’s pleasurable on both the mind and palette.

You can buy Critical Mass seeds in complete confidence from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the worlds leading Cannabis seed producers and suppliers.

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Critical Mass Feminized

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Critical Mass Seeds

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