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Chronic Widow Feminized

Potent White Widow x Chronic Hybrid with huge yields.
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Chronic Widow Cannabis Seeds

Combining two extremely well-known strains was always going to produce something special, and the new Chronic Widow strain doesn’t disappoint! Expect nothing but the best. Fast flowering and with impressive yields, that will put a smile on any growers face, Chronic Widow seeds are about to excite the complete Cannabis and Marijuana community with its high yields, extreme THC and CBD levels, and some of the smoothest, creamiest tasting Marijuana buds available.

Chronic Widow seeds comprise of 65% Indica and 35% Sativa genetics, capable of producing fairly tall plants that average between 100 cm – 200 cm tall when fully mature, depending upon growing conditions and the methods used. A highly adaptable strain that’s easy to grow and forgiving of many small errors and mistakes, Chronic Widow grows well both indoors, and outdoors during the Spring and Summer months.

Grown indoors, Chronic Widow seeds are perfect for both Sea-of-Green, and Screen-of-Green growing techniques. Their bushy shape and strong lateral branches quickly produce a lush, vibrant canopy with multiple budding sites capable of producing a healthy, heavy harvest. If you would like to learn more about improving and increasing the quality and quantity from your Cannabis plants, download the free Growing Marijuana Guide. Packed full of information about a variety of methods and techniques designed to help you achieve the very best from your seeds.

Flowering times are relatively short for such a heavy yielding plant, requiring an average of 65 days to completely flower and mature. All of the Chronic Widow seeds for sale are completely feminized, devoid of any male chromosomes, and are guaranteed to germinate, producing a true, 100% female plant with all the traits and attributes you expect.

Both White Widow and Chronic are well known for their high yields and potent effects, and both those characteristics are maintained with the new Chronic Widow feminized seeds. Indoor growers with a small amount of experience or knowledge can achieve harvests of approximately 700 grams of the highest quality dried buds per square meter. while grown outdoors the plants are capable of producing extreme individual harvests, too heavy to be believed!

Chronic Widow has a heavy coating of resin, covering almost all parts of the plant, giving it a shimmering ‘silver’ appearance. The low leaf to bud ratio makes harvesting and manicuring quick and easy, and the resin coated trimmings are ideal for making Cannabis Butter and other edibles with.

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Once dried and cured the buds are large and dense, covered in resin and offer fantastic ‘bag-appeal’ for ‘Cash-crop’ growers. The smoke is thick, rich and almost creamy with a hint of spice, but the effects are almost instantaneous. High THC levels of approximately 23%, combined with an elevated CBD content produces a powerful, fast-acting high with an almost devastating ‘body-stone’. Not a smoke for light-weights, with it’s strong ‘couch-locking’ hit, but perfect for night-time use and relaxing.

A powerful strain that’s easy to grow and enjoyed by recreational smokers for its potent, powerful high, and medicinal Marijuana users, for its relaxing, natural pain relieving effects.

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Chronic Widow Feminized

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Chronic Widow Seeds

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