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Cheese Feminized

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Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Cheese seeds are one of the most commonly grown strains of Cannabis in England and the UK. The strain was born from a rogue seed found in a packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk No#1 and had such a unique and pungent aroma, it quickly become popular with many English Skunk Cannabis smokers during the late 1980’s.

Cheese seeds are comprised of 60% Indica genetics, and 40% Sativa, which lead to a fairly tall, but bushy plant, with thick buds and a good yield of high quality Indica dominant buds.

A perfect strain for the indoor Cannabis grower, producing many flowering sites and large, dense buds which fill the air with a musky-cheese smell that definitely requires odor control.

Super-cropping techniques will produce the biggest harvests, as well as controlling the overall height of the plant, which can grow between 100 cm – 200 cm tall.

Once the plants are introduced to a 12/12 photo-period, maturity will be reached in 60 days, producing large, dense buds with few leaves, making harvesting and manicuring far easier than with many other Cannabis strains.

Although the THC levels are only 14% don’t think this is a light-weight weed. With it’s high CBD content, Cheese Cannabis seeds are a great source of medication for stress or anxiety, and with their hard-hitting Indica body-stone, also provide a good source of natural pain relief.

Indoor Cannabis growers can expect yields of up to 550 grams of dense, very smelly buds per square meter, given ideal conditions, while good yields can easily be obtained by beginners too.

These Cheese seeds are all feminized, and will all grow into female only plants. Available in packs of 5, 10 and 20, and all backed up with the suppliers delivery and germination guarantee.

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Cheese Feminized

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Cheese Seeds

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