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Cannabis Seeds Shipped To Australia

Discovering some loose Cannabis seeds in a bag of weed, is how many growers begin learning to grow Cannabis and Marijuana. Sometimes the seeds will be mature enough to germinate, and for many growers, seeing that first seedling begin to grow, is enough to set them on the path to grow their own Cannabis.

Strawberry Kush Seeds

Twenty years ago, learning to grow Cannabis was a lot of trial and error, learning like any other gardener would, what effects the plants positively, and what mistakes to avoid. It was also very difficult to acquire good stock or seeds, as purchasing them before the internet, was almost a case of flying to Amsterdam and bringing them back with you.

Times have changed rapidly, and understanding Cannabis growing is simply a case of researching the internet and reading articles that explain how to grow Cannabis.

The same is true of Cannabis seeds. Cannabis growing was revolutionised with the introduction of Neder Weed. Genetically enhanced Cannabis, usually feminized that is a Sativa/Indica hybrid, specifically created to promote certain characteristics.

Since the creation of White Widow, Skunk and Northern Lights, these potent new Cannabis strains have dominated Cannabis culture. Stronger and more potent, better tasting and with a wide and diverse range of flavours and aroma’s.

Year after year, new strains are created using a blend of altered genetics, introducing strains such as; OG Kush, Purple Haze and AK 47. Cannabis strains that have dominated the Cannabis forums and Amsterdam Coffee Shops, constantly generating the ultimate smoke with a variety of tastes and highs.

Pineapple Haze Seeds

Having these Cannabis seeds shipped to Australia can be difficult. Many of the seed companies and producers are based in Holland or Spain, as these countries are more tolerant on the production of Cannabis seeds, but that’s a long way, and how can you be sure that the company you send your money to will deliver?  What if the seeds never arrive? Who can i complain to?

We recommend you purchase your Cannabis seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana, they offer Cannabis seeds shipped to Australia for free, with no extra charges for the package and postage, and guarantee you will not only receive your chosen Cannabis seeds, but they guarantee they will germinate too!

All of their Cannabis seeds shipped to Australia are in very discreet packaging, and are unlikely to be stopped at Customs. If for any reason your chosen Cannabis seeds do not reach their destination, a complete replacement set of identical Cannabis seeds will be shipped once again, but with even more super-stealth packaging.

If you are looking for the very best in Amsterdam quality Cannabis, then click below and find a selection of the finest Cannabis seeds available. Each seed has it’s own individual review, full of details of the plant, flavour, yield and flowering times.

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