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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Beginners Grow Set

With growing and feeding schedules supplied, all you need to do is germinate the seeds, add pots, soil and water, everything else is supplied.

Complete Grow Set For Beginners

With the slow acceptance of cannabis and marijuana as both a medicinal and recreation drug across parts of Australia, many people are now considering growing cannabis for the first-time. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to produce your own cannabis, the Complete Grow Set For Beginners and outdoor growers is the perfect choice.

Packaged and shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, this complete set contains 20 of the highest quality Autoflowering seeds, four separately packaged feeds, one for each stage of the plants development, as well as all 3 Plant Protection compounds, designed to promote and protect the plants roots, leaves and general well-being.

Requiring the minimum of effort, these special, autoflowering cannabis seeds will produce a generous, potent harvest, approximately 8 weeks after sprouting, regardless of the number of hours of darkness the plants receive.

Take advantage of the free postage on larger orders, buy the Cannabis Seeds Grow Set For Beginners online and enjoy growing your own Australian cannabis.

What Does The Grow Set For Beginners Contain?

White Widow Autoflower Seeds

Twenty top-quality White Widow Autoflowering seeds, all completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate, producing strong, stable plants and the highest quality yields. White Widow is well known for its dense, potent buds and thick coating of crystal resin. Enjoy euphoric ‘highs’ a range of medicinal benefits, helping to alleviate many illnesses and conditions.

Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for both new and outdoor growers. Once sprouted, the vegetative and flowering stages are combined to reduce the overall time needed for the plant to mature to approximately 8 weeks.

While traditional feminized cannabis seeds require 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to flower, these autoflowering seeds have no set requirements, making them the perfect choice to grow outdoors throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Bergmans Marijuana Fertilizer Set

Robert Bergman’s plant food fertilizer has everything your cannabis plants need to produce a high quality harvest.

Generating the best quality plants and harvests from your cannabis seeds can be easy with these four, individually packaged nutrient compounds, created specifically for cannabis plants.

Each pack is designed to provide all the necessary minerals and nutrients needed at the various stages of development, with enough formula to feed up to ten large plants.

Used as a complete schedule from sprouting through to maturity, your plants will have all the necessary nutrients when they need them, producing strong, vibrant plants and good, high quality harvests.

Plant Protector

This powerful defense system makes it easier to produce a healthy crop with high quality flowers and potent buds.

There are many different diseases and health problems that cannabis plants can suffer, as a new grower, spotting the early signs can sometimes be quite difficult, and left untreated, have devastating consequences.

These three Plant Protection formulas will protect your cannabis plants from many of the common issues, including bugs and mites, root infections and diseases, as well as mold and mildew in later flowering.

With easy-to-follow instructions, you can protect your plants, and used in conjunction with the nutrient packs, provide all they need to produce generous, high quality harvests.

Buy The Complete Cannabis Seed Grow Set For Beginners

Producing a fast, high quality harvest of potent cannabis buds can be easy with the Cannabis Grow Set For Beginners. Remove the guess-work, follow the simple instructions and feeding schedules, ensuring your plants are as healthy and bountiful as possible.

Enjoy discreet packaging and guaranteed delivery to all parts of Australia, shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s most trusted and established cannabis and marijuana seed producers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grow Set – Beginners

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Best Cannabis Seeds In Australia – Free Support Seed to Harvest 

Guaranteed Fresh White Widow Auto Seeds
Every Marijuana Seed is hand picked and checked for quality.

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All orders are shipped within 2 business days in discreet packaging.

Guaranteed Germination
If you follow the germination instructions exactly and your seeds do not germinate, then they will be replaced for free.

Complete Grow Set For Beginners

Fast stealth shipping to Australia guaranteed with all autoflowering seeds

Buy Complete Cannabis Grow Set For Beginners

New to growing Cannabis in Australia?

Learn many of the methods and techniques used by professional growers to enhance the yield, flavor and potency of their crops with the I Love Growing Marijuana Guides.

Packed full of information, easily access how to correctly germinate your seeds, maximizing the number of budding sites and each plant’s potential yield.

Learn when to harvest your plants, and how to avoid many of the common mistakes made by new, inexperienced growers.

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