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CBD White Widow

Highly awarded strain now available with equal levels of CBD and THC.
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White Widow CBD Seeds

The White Widow strain has been associated with medical cannabis for many years.

Its unique make-up of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa provide the perfect blend of genetics to make the plants easy to grow, hardy and of benefit to both the recreational and medicinal user alike.

The demand for more medicinal and therapeutic forms of cannabis has increased, we are now proud to be able to supply these White Widow CBD seeds directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality cannabis and medical marijuana seeds.

Completely feminized and devoid of all male chromosomes, each White Widow CBD seed is guaranteed to germinate.

Each seed produce’s a strong, vibrant female plant capable of generating large, dense buds with between 6 – 9% THC and CBD, making them perfect for both recreational and medicinal users alike.

By lowering the THC content and elevating the CBD levels, users enjoy a more gentle, subtle ‘high’ without the ‘couch-locking’ effects this strain often produces.

High CBD levels have been known to reduce chronic pain, both joint and muscular, as well as improving the appetite, stabilising mood swings and helping to reduce the feelings of nausea that some treatments and medications can produce.

Whether your new to growing cannabis or a seasoned veteran, these White Widow CBD seeds are easy to grow both indoors and outside during the growing season. Cultivated indoors, the plants are short and bushy with strong branches and multiple flowering sites, capable of producing approximately 550 grams of high quality medical cannabis buds over an 8 – 9 week flowering period.

Planted outdoors at the start of the season, these White Widow CBD seeds will grow until the daylight hours slowly reduce to approximately 12 hours of both sunlight and darkness per day, then begin flowering. Given good conditions and plenty of direct sunlight, each plant can produce huge individual harvests.

You can enjoy all the benefits that increased levels of CBD can offer, while still enjoying the recreational relaxation and stimulation that THC and being ‘high’ and feeling euphoric offers with these special White Widow CBD seeds.

Now available in packs of 5, 10 and 20, you can buy White Widow CBD seeds online and enjoy guaranteed delivery and germination as standard, as well as all the help and support you may need from purchase through to harvest.

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White Widow CBD

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White Widow CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

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