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CBD Strawberry Kush

Easy to grow fruit flavoured strain for medicinal use.
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Strawberry Kush CBD Seeds

Strawberry Kush CBD seeds are one of the latest additions to our collection of medical cannabis seeds.

Created to enhance the strains medicinal benefits, they contain only the smallest traces of THC, less than 1%, making them unsuitable for recreational use, while the 9% CBD content makes them an effect form of medical cannabis.

Completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate, each seed is capable of producing a high quality female plant. Easy to grow and adaptive to both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, the plants have a natural immunity to many of the common diseases, bugs and molds that can effect cannabis plants.

With a genetic make-up of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, the plants are squat and robust with strong, close branches and multiple budding sites, making them ideal for both Sea-of-Green and Screen-of-Green cultivation techniques.

Indoor flowering times are average for an Indica dominant hybrid, with the plants requiring 8 weeks to fully flower and mature ready for harvest.

Indoor cultivated plants can generate approximately 500 grams of high quality buds per square meter. While plants cultivated outdoors in warm, sunny conditions can produce up to 500 grams each.

Expect large, dense buds with a generous coating of resin and fruity, strawberry aroma and flavor, identical to traditional cannabis buds in all but effect. With a low THC content and increased CBD levels, these buds do not induce a recreational ‘high’ or feelings of euphoria, and are for medicinal use only.

Increased levels of CBD have been shown to improve a person’s health and well-being, often prescribed for a wide number of conditions and ailments in many parts of the world. A natural pain-killer it can reduce muscular and joint pain, as well as stabilising mood swings, improving sleep and appetite while reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Now available in packs of 5, 10 and 20, you can buy Strawberry Kush CBD seeds online and enjoy growing your own medical cannabis. Choose from a variety of secure payment options and guaranteed delivery.

Receive all the help and support you may need to cultivate your own successful harvest, or download the free, no obligation Growing Marijuana Guide, packed full of methods and techniques to improve the quality and quantity from your plants.

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Strawberry Kush CBD

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Strawberry kush CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

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