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Highly popular strain now with increased CBD for medicinal users.
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OG Kush CBD Seeds

The OG Kush cannabis strain has been highly popular in medical marijuana dispensaries for many years.

Loved by recreational users for its potent, long-lasting effects and unique aroma and flavour, it is also well-known for its medicinal properties and applications.

Unlike traditional, conventional OG Kush cannabis plants, these OG Kush CBD seeds produce buds that contain very little THC, less than 1%, and therefore do not induce the powerful recreational effects associated with  this cannabis strain. Instead the effects are mild, gentle and relaxing, with enhanced medicinal benefits.

CBD has been studied and tested for its medicinal properties and applications across many countries, with results concluding it may have a positive effect against a wide number of conditions and ailments.

Arthritis sufferers have reported less pain and more mobility after taking high levels of CBD, due to its natural pain relieving applications.

With the medicinal user in mind, these special OG Kush CBD seeds have been created with very high levels of CBD, up to 15%, and, together with the low THC content, are perfect for medical use. Enjoy the pain-killing qualities, the unique aroma and full-flavour of the OG Kush without the potent, ‘couch-locking’ body-stone.

Easy to grow, these OG Kush CBD seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to produce strong, stable female plants capable of heavy, high quality yields whether you choose to grow indoors or outside.

Highly adaptive to a variety of techniques and methods they have a natural immunity to many common bugs, molds and bacterial infections suffered by cannabis and marijuana plants.

Flowering times are similar to conventional strains, with the plants requiring an average of 8 weeks in flower to fully develop and mature. The buds are dense, hard and highly pungent, with that classic lemon and sweet pine aroma, together with a thick coating of resin.

With good conditions and growing techniques, harvests return between 450 – 550 grams of high quality, CBD rich buds per square meter indoors. While plants cultivated outdoors over the Spring/Summer season can produce similar, per-plant yields.

We highly recommend these CBD OG Kush seeds for medicinal growers, with virtually no THC content, they are the perfect choice for medical use.

You can now buy OG Kush CBD seeds online in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, all sold with guaranteed delivery and germination.

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OG Kush CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

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