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Natural pain relief made from pure industrial hemp

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CBD oil has become very popular over the last years, with many people using it to reduce a variety of illnesses, ailments and symptoms. Made from the non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis and marijuana plants, our recommended 5% CBD oil is made from the highest quality industrial hemp, and contains only the smallest traces of THC.

Medical studies and research over the last decade has shown that CBD can reduce muscular and joint pain effectively, and is often recommended and prescribed for arthritis and rheumatism. Unlike prescription medicine, it is non-addictive and has few, if any, side-effects.

Cannabis contains a large number of natural chemicals and compounds, the two dominant one’s being THC, the part which gets you ‘high’, and CBD known for its medical applications and benefits. Many medical users prefer to use CBD oil rather than smoke or eat cannabis products, as it contains the lowest levels of THC and a more concentrated dose of CBD.

Studies and reports are beginning to show that CBD may have useful medical applications, but with few long-term results available, there are no guarantees. Here are some of the reported benefits of using CBD oil;

Epilepsy and Mental Health – One of the proven uses for CBD has been to reduce seizures in Epilepsy sufferers. Studies are also showing it can help to reduce schizophrenia and other mental health issues, including addiction.

Reducing Anxiety – CBD can help combat chronic anxiety and assist in the reduction of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) allowing suffers to relax in their daily lives.

Arthritis and Muscle Pain – One of the established uses of CBD oil is the reduction of chronic inflammation, the cause of the majority of arthritis pain. Studies have shown a significant reduction in pain due to the anti-inflammatory agents found in CBD.

Treating Cancer – Although many more trials are needing, early studies show that CBD may help to prevent and treat some forms of cancer, actively fighting the cancerous cells, reducing and destroying them.

Reducing Type 1 Diabetes – CBD can help and assist in the reduction of the inflammation of the Pancreas, the primary cause of Type 1 Diabeties due to the bodies own immune system attacking the Pancreatic cells.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Although limited in its use and reported results, reports are showing that CBD may be able to reduce the onset of Social Recognition Deficit in sufferers, increasing their ability to understand and communicate.

Skin Conditions – Chemical imbalances within the body can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including; acne, hives, rashes and a spots. CBD oil can be applied directly to the skin and has been known to reduce skin irritations and complaints.

Why Purchase Our CBD Oil

With mounting evidence of the medical properties contained within CBD, many people are choosing to try alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and tablets, including CBD Oil. Our recommended CBD Oil comes with its own ‘dropper’ delivering equal doses, each containing an average of 1.2 mg of CBD, suitable recommended levels for maintaining good general health and well-being.

More than one single drop may be necessary to assist in reducing chronic pain and other ailments, with many people choosing to ingest a measured dosage daily, and for some conditions, rubbing the oil into the afflicted areas can also assist.

You can buy CBD Oil online in Australia, and enjoy all the medicinal benefits of this high quality product. Sold in 100 ml bottles, fitted with a handy dropper for self medication.

Shipped directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, this high quality, 5% CBD Oil comes with guaranteed delivery and the very best ‘stealth’ packaging included in the price.

Buy the highest quality CBD oil online and have it delivered within days when you purchase it through us.

Enjoy the best quality 5% CBD Oil with secure payment options and free shipping. Don’t be fooled by some of the cheaper, lower quality products available, they often lead to disappointment.

Our recommended CBD oil has worked wonders for many people across the USA, Canada and Europe, including close friends of my own!

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Each 10ml (0.34 FL oz) bottle of ILGM 5% CBD Oil contains 500mg of CBD which is about 200 drops per bottle.

Recommended: 1 to 10 drops per day, CBD Oil dosage can vary based on what it is being used for.

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