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Bubblegum Autoflower

Popular for its ability to soothe and heal various debilitating, chronic conditions.
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Bubblegum Autoflowering Seeds

Introducing the latest addition to our recommended marijuana strains, Bubblegum autoflowering seeds are an easy to grow hybrid containing equal amounts of both Indica and Sativa genes.

Fast to flower under any lighting conditions, the plants produce tight, dense buds with that unmistakable bubblegum candy flavor.

Bubblegum autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for planting outdoors, producing regular harvests throughout the Summer.

Their ability to flower without the need for long hours of regular darkness produces plants that grow and flower simultaneously. Heights of approximately 5 foot tall are average, requiring around 9 weeks to completely mature from planting as a seedling.

Bubblegum autoflowering seeds can be grown indoors, subjected to a minimum of 18 hours of daily light, or outdoors, where they will produce their best yields during the height of Summer, when the sunlight hours are at their longest and strongest.

When grown outdoors late in the season, the plants should be protected from rain and early frosts to avoid mold and bud-rot issues.

Autoflowering seeds are considered the easiest forms of marijuana to grow and are an ideal choice for both new growers and those looking for a fast harvest.

Fully feminized and guaranteed to germinate, they are often started indoors before planting outside at the start of the season, producing harvests of around 5 ounces per plant from early Summer, through until the Fall.

THC levels average 17% with a medium 0.1% CBD content, producing a happy, euphoric sensation that’s relaxing and sociable.

A great daytime smoke that’s also poplar with medical marijuana patients, leaving the user feeling refreshed and invigorated, while reducing stress, pain and general fatigue.

Available now in packs of 5, 10 and 25 Bubblegum feminized autoflowering seeds are becoming a popular choice across many parts of the USA, providing a fast and easy way to produce sweet candy flavored buds.

Why wait till the end of the season for your plants to mature, when you can enjoy autoflowering bubblegum buds from the beginning of Summer through until the Fall.

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Bubblegum Auto

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Bubblegum Autoflowering Seeds

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