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Bonza Seeds Variety Mix

Bonza Seeds Mix Pack includes Banana Kush, Durban Poison and Sour Diesel seeds.
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Bonza Seeds Mix Pack
Bonza Seeds Mix

Strain: Banana Kush Durban Poison Sour Diesel

Plant Type: Feminized

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  • Bonza Feminized Seeds Mix

Bonza Seeds Mix

Growing Cannabis outdoors in Australia can have its challenges. While the long hours of daily sunshine can produce some of the largest plants and biggest harvests, many traditionally outdoor strains don’t grow as well as they do in other countries.

Many Sativa dominant strains prefer a more humid climate, and often struggle to produce their biggest and best harvests in the often dry and arid conditions across much of Australia. While Indica dominant strains often struggle to cope with some of the extremely hot temperatures that Australia endures.

The three strains contained with the Bonza Seeds Mix pack are completely feminized and suitable for growing outdoors in Australia. Enjoy outdoor yields of between 14 – 21 oz per plant, given good conditions and attention, with the buds all producing a potent and powerful Sativa based high.

Choose between 5 or 10 seed packets, with three separate strains making a total of 15 or 30 feminized seeds per pack. Save money compared to individual packet purchases and receive free shipping with guaranteed delivery to all parts of Australia when you buy the Bonza Seeds Mix pack online.

Durban Poison – A pure 100% Sativa Cannabis strain with a long-lasting, uplifting and euphoric high.

Banana Kush – Powerful and highly potent 60% Indica dominant strain with THC levels of 27%

Sour Diesel – Slightly more difficult to grow than many strains, but suited to the Australian climate.

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Bonza Seeds Mix Pack

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Bonza Seeds Mix

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