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Blueberry Feminized

Unique fruity tasting Cannabis with high CBD levels and a euphoric high.
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Blueberry Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry seeds produce tall, high yielding Cannabis plants that grow between 50 cm – 200 cm tall depending on conditions and their environment.

A great strain for both indoor and outdoor growers, as well as novice and the more experienced gardeners alike.

The 80% dominant Indica genetics can produce between 500 – 700 grams of fruity, blueberry tasting Cannabis per square meter from it’s dense, stout branches.

The buds are colorful, displaying red and purple hues which later change to a blueish color as maturity approaches.

One of the fruitiest tasting Cannabis strains available, Blueberry has THC levels of approximately 16%, but also has a relatively high CBD level.

This strain is suitable for medical use where it can help with anxiety, migraines, bipolar disorder, PTSD and many other conditions.

Blueberry seeds are feminized, so all the seeds produce female only plants. Available for sale in complete packs of 5, 10 and 25 Cannabis seeds, all guaranteed by the suppliers germination promise.

You can also buy Blueberry seeds as part of the FRUITY SEEDS MIX.

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Blueberry Feminized

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Blueberry Seeds

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