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Blue Dream Autoflowering

Blue Dream Auto seeds deliver a happy, calm head buzz with a strong body high.
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Blue Dream Autoflowering Seeds

The classic Californian strain, Blue Dream is now available in feminized Autoflowering form.

Easy-to-grow and with all the traits and characteristics of the original, these high quality seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing a strong, vibrant plant and large, Sativa-dominant buds.

Autoflowering seeds contain the Ruderalis gene, allowing them to grow and flower simultaneously almost from sprouting. Combining both the growth and flowering cycles together reduces the length of time the seedling requires from sprouting through to harvest.

Unlike traditional feminized Cannabis seeds which remain in their vegetative state until the daylight hours reduce to approximately 12 hours per day, Autoflowering seeds will flower under any number of light or darkness hours, producing their biggest and best harvests when given 18 hours of strong, direct sunlight per day.

Blue Dream Autoflowering seeds can be successfully cultivated either indoors or outside, producing average yields of between 4 – 6 oz per plant, or per square meter if cultivated indoors within a purpose built area.

With a total growing time of just 8 weeks, the yields are smaller than its traditional Blue Dream Feminized Seeds, but the ease with which these unique plants grow, and speed they reach complete maturity, allows for several plants to be grown in the same space over the course of a complete growing season.

The plants remain squat and bushy, growing to approximately 100 cm tall by maturity, making them easy to disguise and place on a patio or balcony. The buds have a light, pleasant aroma, both when growing and dried, reducing any ‘tell-tale’ smells, while the plants colorful blue and purple buds are highly prized and sought after.

Well-known for its calming, cerebral high, Blue Dream Autoflowering seeds produce buds with similar THC level of up to 21%, and a 2% CBD content. The effects are euphoric, leaving you feeling relaxed, but energized, perfect as an all-round day-time smoke.

Enjoyed by many medicinal Cannabis patients, Blue Dream provides a clear high and gentle pain-relieving properties. Also known to boost a person’s mood, it can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression improving your enjoyment of the day, while allowing you to relax and perform any daily tasks or duties.

We now have Blue Dream Autoflowering seeds for sale in packs of 5, 10 or 20 seeds, all completely feminized and guaranteed to germinate.

Dispatched by directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, all purchases are sent using ‘stealth’ packaging and are fully guaranteed to arrive.

Receive all the help and support you may need to produce your own successful harvest when you buy Blue Dream Autoflowering seeds online.

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Blue Dream Autoflower

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Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

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