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High Quality Nutrients Made For Marijuana Plants

Bergmans Marijuana Plant Food

Robert Bergman’s Plant Food

To achieve the highest quality harvests, marijuana plants require a selection of different nutrients and minerals during the various stages of their development. Bergman’s Plant Food has been specifically developed for marijuana plants, containing all the necessary elements for strong, vigorous growth and the generation of large, dense buds.

Whether you’re new to growing marijuana and cannabis in Australia, or a seasoned professional, ensuring your plants receive the correct nutrients at the appropriate time, is key to producing a bountiful harvest of the highest quality buds. Together with the supplied life-cycle and feeding schedule, Bergman’s Plant Food provides everything your plants will need from seedling through to harvest.

Comprising of four separate compounds, each supplying varying levels of nutrients for different stages of the plant’s development, all that’s required is to add water, mix and feed to your plants. Available in two size packs, select the one that suits your needs the best. Complete packs feed either five or twenty five plants for the duration of their lives.

Containing different ratios of nutrients, and all the micro and macro minerals necessary for explosive growth and flowering, Bergman’s Plant Food is supplied in four separate packs covering a different stage in the plant’s development. From seedling through to harvest, each formula is designed to enhance and assist in the plant’s growth, increasing root mass and strength in seedlings, to adding bulk and weight to the buds prior to harvest.

Tried and tested by many growers around the world, Bergman’s Plant Food produces spectacular results on both indoor and outdoor grown plants, while the soluble powder is ideal for both soil and hydroponic systems, with a slight adjustment in the feeding schedule. Highly regarded by professional growers, we recommend Robert Bergman’s Plant Food for your marijuana plant’s, purchase the complete set, or individual packs as required.

Bergmans Marijuana Seedling Fertilizer

Seedling Fertilizer.

N-P-K  11-40-13

The perfect blend of nutrients for young marijuana seedlings, designed to enhance root mass, while supplying everything the seedling needs for fast growth and development.

Bergmans Marijuana Growtime Fertilizer

Growtime Fertilizer.

N-P-K  19-5-20

Designed for explosive growth during the vegetative period, the growing formula helps to rapidly build leaves, branches and a healthy rooting structure, as well as providing protection from many of the common deficiencies and diseases that marijuana plants can suffer from.

Bergmans Marijuana Flowertime Fertilizer

Flowertime Fertilizer.

N-P-K  16-6-30

A perfectly balanced formula for explosive growth and the development of high quality flowers and buds. Delivering all your plants need, for the very best harvests possible. Use from the commencement of flowering through to maturity.

Bergmans Marijuana Plant Booster

Plant Booster.

N-P-K  19-5-20

An additional formula used to further boost your plants potential. The additional nutrients combine with the main fertilizer at varying stages of the plants development to achieve their maximum growth and flowering potential. Used in the later stages of flowering, it adds weight and density to the buds, generating the heaviest harvests.

Buying Bergman’s Plant Food

If you’re buying marijuana seeds you want to ensure each one germinates producing the very best harvest possible. Bergman’s Plant Food is an obvious addition to your purchase, guaranteeing your plants are given the correct nutrients, in the right proportions during their live cycle.

While standard plant foods can be used for marijuana plants and seedlings, they are not advised, often containing the wrong proportions of crucial elements. Specially developed for marijuana and cannabis plants, Bergman’s Plant Food removes the guess work when growing marijuana and cannabis plants in Australia, used with the supplied feeding charts and schedules, it enhances each stage of the plants life, helping to produce the very best harvests possible.

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Bergmans Plant Food

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