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AK 47

Fast and hard hitting, AK 47 Cannabis will hit the spot time after time.

AK 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds Review

AK 47 Seeds

One of the most awarded Cannabis strains, and used in the creation of countless hybrids, AK 47 is stable, fast and hard-hitting.

It’s blend of 65% Sativa genes with 35% Indica produces a unique combination that is both highly prized and sought after.

This is one of the easiest Sativa dominant strains of Cannabis to grow, an ideal choice for the novice grower, and one which can be perfected by the more experienced.

This strain loves growing indoors, where, given the correct conditions, it will flourish into one of the most compact and shortest Sativa dominant strains available.

Flowering will require an average of 64 days, producing compact, tight buds with an earthy, skunk pine aroma and flavor. Yields average 500 grams per square meter, with the plants fully mature, and height between 50 cm – 80 cm are average for this strain.

AK 47 is famous for it’s long-lasting cerebral high that is relaxing but stimulating, mellow and creative, perfect for socializing and quiet moments of relaxation. THC levels are approximately 20%, and with medium levels of CBD, AK 47 can help with anxiety, stress, migraines and PMS.

AK 47 seeds are feminized and only grow to be female plants.

These Cannabis seeds are available in packs of 5, 10 and 20, all backed up by the suppliers delivery and germination guarantee.

You can also buy AK 47 seeds as part of the PATRIOT SEEDS MIX



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AK 47 Seeds

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