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Afghan Feminized

100% Indica genetics, Afghan is very popular strain with medical Cannabis users.
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Afghan Seeds

Containing 100% Indica Marijuana genetics, these Afghan seeds are becoming increasingly popular with Cannabis and Marijuana growers looking for a strong medical strain with good pain relieving properties, as well as relief from nausea, stress and tension. Perfect for growing indoors and outside, Afghan seeds are easy to grow and have proven to be a great choice for growers who may not have a lot of experience yet.

Whichever growing method you prefer, indoor, outdoor, soil or hydroponics, these feminized Afghan seeds are suited to all styles and methods. Germination is 100% guaranteed, so no risks on buying seeds which never germinate, and once the seedlings set down some roots and become established, the plants grow quickly, producing a strong, stout stem and close branch structure.

Depending on growing conditions,  mature plants can vary in height, but with an average height of between 60 cm when grown indoors, and potentially 200 cm tall grown outside, these Afghan seeds are easily capable of producing approximately 400 grams of pure Indica Cannabis buds per square meter, and a lot more from larger, outdoor plants.

As an indoor cultivated Cannabis strain, Afghan seeds grow well, responding to both Sea and Screen-Of-Green techniques (SOG, SCROG) producing strong, close-knit branches, capable of supporting the heavy, dense buds. Flowering times can quite long for a pure Indica, with Afghan seeds requiring approximately 76 days to achieve peak maturity. However, this slightly longer flowering time allows for the full production of both THC and CBD.

The high THC levels contained in Afghan Cannabis provide a strong body stone, although this not as couch-locking as many similar Indica Cannabis strains. This characteristic can be helpful for medical Cannabis users looking for pain relief while retaining the ability to continue with their daily lives.

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All of these specially selected, hand picked Afghan seeds are 100% feminized, guaranteeing you female-only plants. Both delivery and germination are guaranteed, so no need to worry about lost or dud seeds, or your purchase being lost in transit. If your Afghan seeds fail to be delivered, they will be replaced totally free of charge.

These pure Indica Afghan seeds from Crop King are available in packs of 5, 10 and 25 feminized seeds, all guaranteed to germinate. If you want to buy Afghan seeds, these are the very best available.

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Afghan Feminized

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Afghan Seeds

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